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Beyer DT-100 & DT-150 Headphones

These professional headphone units made by Beyer both feature a fully enclosed earcup design allowing precise monitoring of audio when taping on location.


Handheld Professional Narration Microphone   $30
Wireless Lav Microphone   $50
Wired Lav Microphone   $30
XLR Camera Adaptor   $20
Microphone Stand   $20

Samson CT-3 Wireless Microphone System

This is a dual antenna, full diversity, wireless microphone system featuring a lavalier style microphone, transmitter and receiver. Excellent for use in weddings and other circumstances where dropouts are not acceptable.
samsonct3 $50

Beyer 86N Shotgun Microphone

This Beyer unit features a balanced output and may be used with a boom or stand mounted.
beyer86n $20

Shure SM057 Vocal Microphone
Works well as either a vocal or instrument mic. May be hand held or stand mounted.
shure57 $20
Handheld Professional Narration Microphone   $30

Mackie 1202 Mixe
12 Channel Mic/Line Mixer featuring tape in/out, aux send and return, 4 balanced mic inputs, 48 volt phantom power.


Samson Mix Pad Nine

This Samson unit features 3 balanced mic inputs, 9 input channels, a dedicated tape/cd input, 2 aux send and returns, 48v phantom power.
samsonmixpad9 $30

P.A. Equipment


Carvin MX 842 Mixer/Power Amp & Carvin 832 P.A. Speakers
- This compact and highly portable P.A. system by Carvin features a 300 watt mixer power amp and two 832 speakers with 12 inch low frequency drivers and horn high frequency drivers. Suitable for vocal sound reinforcement and smaller meetings and venues. Rugged carpeted exterior. Speaker stands and cables are included.
carvinmx842 $75

Carvin 1588a P.A. Speakers
This larger Carvin system provides 1800 watts of biamped output power in a three way design featuring dual 15 inch low frequency drivers. Rugged carpeted exterior. These Carvin speakers have built in 900 watt amplifiers and must be used with a separate mixer. Suitable for use in larger clubs and venues such as gymnasiums.
carvin1588a $200
Yamaha MSR 1000
This Yamaha unit is a self contained speaker, mixer, and amplifier in a light, compact portable cabinet intended to be used as a portable PA system for audiences of up to 100 persons. The Yamaha features a balanced microphone input and two adjustable line inputs for mixing in other audio sources such as dvd players or sound from computer laptops.
yamahadsr1000 $Call For Pricing
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